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Monday, December 12, 2005
  From the mind of Phaha: Episode II
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I have been quiet lately, to quiet. Consider that the calm before the storm. The storm of PHaHa!!

and this is what I think:

I think that if mullets can make a come back then the hair style that the lead singer of Kajagoogoo can come back to. (Think early Rod Stewart)

I think that when people say that, in fashion, everything comes back (i.e. bell bottoms, tie dye) they are full of shit. Have you ever seen me in a loin cloth, or petty coat?

That if you are handicapped, park in your own damn spots.

That when people say, "I'm to tired to sleep," punch them in the throat. Are you too hungry to eat, too thirsty to drink, too horny to fuck? I thought not.

That soapy farts smell the worst.

That there are three things I don't do:
1. get worried,
2. Care to listen to a story that I am not in, and
3. Raise the roof.

That when I am in a traffic jam, there better be an accident causing it. What is it with this waiting an hour and getting to the end and all the cars just start to break free and there is no clear cause of why anyone was going slow? Damn it, I better have some carnage as a reward!

That I like the hanky panky stanky.

That it's all meat. Some you suck, some you eat.

That a man is not measured by his deeds, but by a ruler and a steady hand.

That my grandpa, the all knowing Mexican, once said I was too white to be a Mexican so I must be a Mexican't, he then followed that up with a couple of chits.

That the "O" in O-town stands for O'shitty, they're Irish.

That the only dance I do is called, "Push The Floor." 1-2-3-4 get off your ass and push the floor. and the ghetto hootchy mama funkdafied murder booty maxi mix goes like this, eenie meenie miney moe get off your ass and push the flo.

That if you burp me, I'll go down on you like a slurpee.

That I did it all for the nookie, c'mon, the nookie, c'mon, so you can take that cookie and stick it up your, yeah! stick it up your, yeah! stick it up your, yeah! stick it up your.

That I heard your a turd, and I think you stink.


blast-ed from the past-ed, email cleanup, PHAHA
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