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Sunday, May 14, 2006
  The end of an era
I quit my job this past week.

I had originally planned on submitting my two week notice back in January.

I had moved all worldly possessions and my family to Salisbury, NC in an attempt to start something new. But then there was word that the company I worked for was looking for volunteers for a severance package. BINGO!

Needless to say, I applied for it. And began the trek that was the commute back and forth between GA and NC. The time was getting near for a decision to be made by the company. I was on pins and needles awaiting a decision that would have afforded me a percentage of my salary as well as medical benefits, both of which would have provided a nice cushion as I ventured out into new territory.

Then the news hit that the company I worked for was being bought and a corporate merger was to take place. The proposed severance package became more enticing than it was previously, but the time frame got pushed an additional 45 days.

Tuesday, 5/9/06, was to be the day the announcements were made. Either the company accepted your application for voluntary release, or they rejected it.

The following is the e-mail that I received at 11:07 Tuesday morning:

Recently you submitted an Election and Release form electing to accept the severance offer made to you under the provisions of the *company name withheld* Corporation Transition Payment Plan for Management Employees: Voluntary (TPPM:V). The purpose of this letter is to advise you that the Company has rejected your election. Your organization’s force imbalance has been eliminated through the acceptance of elections from more senior employees.

Now this felt like a punch in the stomach. Here I was, working, commuting between 2 states, not wanting to be in the corporate setting I was in, and the one possible shining light for the whole thing just got flushed down the crapper.

But as you read earlier, I was ready to leave in January, and it was time for me to leave regardless of the severance package. I had been living in someone else's house and away from my family for the past 4 months.

Within approximately 30 minutes of receiving my rejection notice, I drafted and sent my letter of resignation. Friday, 5/12/06, was my last day.

And now I'll be venturing out into the world of real estate appraisal. I'll have to let you know how that goes.
You gave 3 days notice?
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