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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
  Bottles for everyone
If you live near Banner Elk, N.C., that is. But if this locally owned beer store goes down the drain, you might have to find your suds somewhere else.

The rumor mill churned word that Bottles was likely to close

Bottles, a locally owned beer and wine store in Banner Elk, was likely to close, local businesses decided to lend a hand.

The idea of a fundraiser dinner was pitched, with all proceeds going to Bottles.

Though Bottles is a staple to many Banner Elk residents, the store sees most of its business during the summer months. When winter sets in, however, tourists and visitors tend to prefer liquor, said Colette Barnes, who owns the store with her daughter, Sarah Robbins. The two opened Bottles in 2003.

Branching out to liquor would be a great option, but sadly it's not an available one in NC. Farkin' state only allows state-run liquor stores--no independent mom & pops or others.

Just for diversity, I'm going to have to say I like the gas station in blowing rock for my needs.

The real question is, why is Boone still not allowing alcohol by the drink?

Boone doesn't get liquor by the drink passed because the only people that vote are the locals, who don't want it. Since the students aren't registered residents of Watauga county, they don't get to vote. Hence, no liquor by the drink. It's actually quite common in our great state that there are counties that don't allow liquor by the drink, of course being more common in more rural counties. I knew people that went to college at WCU, and in Jackson county, this is how the law is set up: No beer, liquor, or wine sold in the county. EXCEPT: if you are in the town of Sylva (largest town in the county; not saying much, but still the largest). In Sylva, you can sell beer and wine at groceries, etc. There is an ABC store that you can purchase liquor at. Then, when you go to a bar, NO LIQUOR! Only beer and wine.

All I can figure is that if you only drink beer in a bar, but still drink liquor in your own home, but as long as you only buy it in a certain town within a county, you're still a good Christian.

Oh, and you can serve beer outside of Sylva if you're a private club. Which brings me to another great NC state-wide law: No alcohol can be served unless over 50% of your sales are for food. Unless it's a private club.

What the hell are lawmakers trying to prove with these jokes that they call law? All it does is piss people off, it doesn't help with drunk driving or any other public drunken disturbances.

To raise money for Bottles, tickets to the dinner are being sold for $55 or more, should the ticket-buyer wish to dig deeper. Scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 4, the dinner will have two sittings, the first at 6 p.m. and the second at 8:30 p.m.

So if you're in the area tomorrow and feel like helping out a local business, swing by and chow down. Or if you can offer some sort of business planning advice to possibly correct their business model to ensure that these ladies actually turn a profit, give 'em a call.

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