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Thursday, December 21, 2006
  Hammock Stand - 1.........Mom - 0
The holidays are always rough. If you've got family, more than likely someone will be traveling so that you can spend time together. This past weekend, we went to Columbia to spend time with my parents, sister and future brother-in-law.

Everything seemed to be going nicely Saturday afternoon. Junior was napping as the "adults" played cards outside on the patio. Yes, I said "outside". It's December and it was freakin' 70 degrees outside. Anyhoo...as players and seating arangements were changed up, my mother thought she would sit on the hammock.

The hammock is attached to a hammock stand, as you can see pictured below

Now keep in mind that Mom had never sat in the hammock before and was being very cautious as she lowered herself onto the swinging net of death. I was inside in the kitchen and did not actually witness the following event, but apparently, the hammock did not like my mother.

The right side brace of the stand flipped out of the base of the stand as soon as she had positioned herself on the net. It swung up, blind-siding her and dropping her to the ground at the same time. It all happened so fast, no one was really sure what had happened.

And that's about the time we saw the blood. And the gash in her forehead.

According to the Urgent Care doc, the cut went all the way to the bone in her forehead. Guess it could have been worse. Coulda been her eye.

Now, with an upcoming wedding (which means plenty of photographs) she is concerned about what kind of scar will be left after the healing process. I told her that we would just have to wait and see, but at least now we would all be aware of which side was her "good side".

She seemed to take that one well.

Of course, I'm pretty sure she was on hold with the local plastic surgeon, just in case.

Just goes to show you, it's not always the accident prone son or the grandson who never looks where he's going. Sometimes it's the sweet woman who is cautious and takes her time.

There's a part of me that thinks I'll be getting a hammock and hammock stand for Christmas, just so the possibility of a repeat at her house is eliminated.
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