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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
  personal grooming taken to a whole new level
First discovered about a month ago while going through Copyranter's site I offer up to the general public a new wave in personal grooming. I give you Naughty Nads!

Basically, you get the same Nad's Hair removal stuff and a limited selection of cookie cutter shapes. The biggest difference is that this version of Nad's is not to be used on legs and/or underarms, but rather a bit more involved than just a simple bikini line wax job.

Your personality would be reflected, Depending on which cookie cutter design you deem worthy for your nether regions:

"Landing Strip"

Simple and straight down the line, this girl next door doesn’t mess about. If you don’t want to do something, you won’t and no one can convince you otherwise. You follow your instincts and despite what people say, you’re convinced that simplicity is often the best. Although you enjoy a good night out every once in a while, you’re a low key kinda girl and often enjoy the comforts of home over extravagant late night outings.

"Bermuda Triangle"

You look innocent, but your mum has no idea! And in true Bermuda Triangle style, you often do a disappearing act. In those mad moments of freedom when your mum thinks you're quietly tucked up at your girlfriends place for dinner, you're really out socialising, having late night drinking sessions or organising a secret rendezvous with your man. You're a free spirit with a matching care free attitude. You know how to make the most out of an occasion and always seem to have fun.

"Heart Breaker"

You’re a true romantic, but a devil at heart. When you have your eye on something, or some one, there is no turning back. You love receiving flowers, taking moon light walks and spending quality smooching time with your man. You’re smooth, soft and comforting on the outside, but inside a fire is burning with red hot passion. When you let your hair down you really let go – you’re cheeky, sexy, flirtatious, and oh so naughty.

"Thunder Struck"

The party girl with wild ambitions, when you’re in the room everyone around you is ‘thunder struck’! It’s go go go when you’re around and your friends often struggle to keep up. There’s no way in hell your mum knows what you get up to – thank goodness - because what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. You love a good laugh and are always the centre of attention. And when it comes to the boys there is no holding back – you’re upfront and up for anything. It’s your bubbly, outgoing personality and confronting nature that got you where you are – and will no doubt take you far. But as your friends say – you’re naughty by nature, so be careful what you wish for.

Now my big question is this: are there only four personality types that would take the time to contour their pubic hair? Or are there more creative types out there that would come up with their own designs?

How about a shamrock for the luck of the Irish? Or perhaps a "Q"? Possibly a question mark for those that just aren't sure.

I can definitely appreciate the desire for personal grooming and keeping things neat and trim, but when we cross over into designs that will sit beneath a minimum of 2 layers of clothing and only you, and possibly a significant other, will have the opportunity to view.........the whole thing just doesn't make sense to me.

But hey, it's probably less painful than getting your vagina pierced. But no where near as sparkly.
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