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Sunday, July 16, 2006
  Knock, Knock.......Who's there? Blood Covered 3-year old.........
Ever seen someone that's been punched really good across the bridge of their nose? Their eyes unintentionally welling up with tears and blood rushing from the nostrils?

That was the scene at my house this past Friday. And it wasn't me. It was the boy. And for the record, no, I did not backhand him.

My work schedule had slowed down a bit bythe time I had made my way to pick the boy up from his daycare facilities. We made our way home and had hunkered down for a bit of relaxed cartoon watching and some snacks. We were both noshing on some of the multi-colored mini-tart candy my mother had given him on his last visit. Note the word "mini".

The phone rang, so I left the comfort of our cartoon zone and headed to the phone. It took all of about 35-45 seconds to locate the phone, answer it, have a slight conversation, and return the phone to the cradle. But by the time I had returned, it looked like junior had gone about 4 rounds with Clubber Lang.

He was sniffling, crying, moaning, writhing, and bleeding all over the place. I rushed him to the bathroom to try and assess the situation and to try and figure out what could have possibly attacked him and done such damage in such a short period of time.

Well, during the clean-up process I learned, in between fits of crying, sniffling, and bleeding, that he had not in fact been in a remake of Bloodsport, but had rather decided that it would be a good ides to place one of the mini-tart candies up his nostril. Even better was the subconscious choice of the color red. This only added to the colorful scene. It seems, that as the candy was being melted by his body temperature while stuck up his nose, that all that red#5 food coloring was mixing with his nasal drainage. This combination, for those that don't know, looks exactly like blood.

We finally got the candy out and got him settled. But this has to go down in history as one of the fastest ways to freak out a parent.

Outside of blaming natural 3-year old curiousity, I'll lay blame at the 2 people who were not even physically around at the time of the "event". And those 2 people would be the boy's mother and his grandmother.

I can blame his mother because she left me in charge.

I can blame his grandmother because she's the one who gave him the candy.
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