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Thursday, March 23, 2006
  Fry the pedophile bastards
You may already know that I have no qualms about actively utilizing the death penalty, even less when it deals with anyone that would willingly, knowingly hurt a child. And apparently my second home town agrees with me.

COLUMBIA -- State senators are considering a proposal that would allow South Carolina to execute those convicted two or more times of sexually assaulting children. Of course, my question is: why does it have to be a multiple offense situation? Isn't one case of sexually assaulting a child enough of a determining factor? Are we that impressed with our ability to rehabilitate criminals that we think it could never happen a second time?

Ok, so don't execute for the first offense. Simply ensure that the villain receives a physical castration. None of that wussy chemical castration. Involve physical pain. Then, if it happens again, execute with extreme prejudice.

Currently, South Carolina prosecutors can only seek the death penalty for murder with aggravating circumstances. If the proposed amendment by Sen. Kevin Bryant of Anderson passes, South Carolina would join Louisiana as the only other state to allow the death penalty for an offense other than murder, senators said.

And I would agree with this. Morales wouldn't, but I do. My biggest problem with the death penalty is that you can't kill a convict more than once. You can never impart upon abuser the type of pain and anguish that he caused you, or caused a loved one. Justice isn't fair and the punishment most definitely doesn't fit the crime.
There are too many cases where people are wrongfully accused of crimes including those of a sexual nature.

We can't start executing people because a love hurt 14 year old accuses a 17 year old of sexual assault.

Innocent people go to jail because our system, as close to perfect as we think it might be, is flawed because the human factor exposes too many points of failure.

The police and prosecutors become overzealous arms of the law. It's been known to happen.

Your heart is in the right place. I agree that those rightfully convicted of sexual assault on children should suffer the consequences, but capital punishment is still only practised in the most rogue and barbaric nations.
I agree with your assessment of "wrongfully accused". Means that the justice system will require vast improvements. And I agree with your 14yo/17 yo situation. botom line is this: punishments very rarely fit the crime, and innocent people get convicted. Time to revamp the system to alleviate both situations.
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