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Monday, October 17, 2005
  Chain Letter
I had never received a chain letter in the traditional sense of the word. Then along came email, and with it came the electronic version of the chain letter, the dastardly chain email! And I would think that had I received the old school version written out on paper, I would do the same thing to it that I do to the virtual variety, delete it, or in that case, introduce it to the round file.

I could rant and rave about the whole situation until I'm blue in the face, or in this case, stiff in the joints, but I don't have to. Well before he made his beliefs known for the "Whitt in '08" election, Mr. Whittington had relatively succinctly pontificated on the problem that is mass email correspondence.

I stand behind his belief regarding this matter whole-heartedly.

And, without further ado: QUIT IT!

This may sting for some of you, but it needs to be said.
I love you all, You are my family and friends.

I have to ask for the e-mails to stop.
"What e-mails", you may ask?
The e-mails I am talking about are the sad, the make a point, and the make you think about your life e-mails.
I, like most of you, work hard. I try to do good in my life and live it the best way I know how. I do not want to come home after a long day of work and read e-mails about what I should do each day, what I should say each time I am around you, how I should act, who died and how tragic their life was.
Everybody has a sob story. This may sound cold and probably is: the truth is, if I want bad news, or the story of how somebody's life changed because of some event, I will turn on the 700 club.
I also do not want the "your life sucks and you need to change it this way" e-mail, or the "forward this to 10 people and your dreams will come true" email.
This is crap.
I check my e-mail to read about how you are doing or to get a funny joke.
If this ticks you off, do not send me anything.
I would honestly rather talk to each of you in person anyway.
I personally think we could all do better in life with out so many e-mails about sad stuff bringing us down.
If this sounds like an Andy Rooney rant, Sorry!

This was written back in September of 2004. It still stands true today. I would have brought this up earlier, but I could not find the original email, plus, I just received another of the dreaded chain emails and felt it needed to be reiterated.

Bottom line, nothing is going to change if I don't send the email to 15 people in 15 minutes, so quite treating me like I'm Forrest Gump and will believe everything that you say or type.

Now, go on about your business. Don't feel pressured to share this with anyone. It's not like anybody reads these posts anyway.
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